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Expert GoldMine support

CRM-UK became a reseller of GoldMine at the turn of the millennium. Although we no longer recommend or sell GoldMine our technical support staff have a wealth of GoldMine experience and understanding. As a result our expert knowledge of the quirky GoldMine database structure has allowed us to migrate over 50 GoldMine systems to other CRM systems

Please call if you want help with your GoldMine system – even more if you’re considering upgrading away from GoldMine, because we are experts at exporting and preparing GoldMine data for your new system.

Migrate to a new CRM Solution

Moving away from GoldMine?   Our experts quickly migrate your existing data into a tailored system carefully scoped to meet your business needs (including integration with other systems, such as accounts packages and ERP systems).  Keep ALL your historical activities and notes, ALL of your tracked HTML-formatted emails and take advantage of other CRM features such as detailed dashboard charts, full system-wide reporting, automation-work-flow, email campaign marketing and much more.

Data Extraction

CRM-UK have the tools and the experience to extract your GoldMine data with confidence.  We work hand-in-hand with you and your tech-partners to provide a data transition service tuned specifically to match your new system.  We’ve worked with dozens of clients to integrate, collate and export GoldMine data dozens of times.  So, if you have a GoldMine system you want to extract data from, CRM-UK will make it happen.

The UK’s specialist GoldSync Experts

When FrontRange, then-authors of GoldMine, had a client with GoldSync problems they would recommend CRM-UK because of our expertise in setting up and making GoldSync work.  We’ve never had a GoldSync issue we could not fix!  If you have a GoldSync related issue, we can help you.

Need New Leads in GoldMine?

We are data import experts and can import your data cleaning it and even de-duping it on they way.

Custom Integration

Do you need to maximise on your existing envestment by Integrating with your other back-office systems or website?  We are able to build modern web-services allowing 3rd parties, websites or ERP solutions to correctly and safely write data to GoldMine.

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