theCRM – software

understand more people
engage more customers

theCRM – software

understand more people
engage more customers


Modern CRM Software for all business functions not just the sales team.  theCRM is built to be quick to set up and meet the most demanding requirements.

We make light work of improving the management, tracking and reporting of your customers, products and service delivery.  A radically altered workflow can be easily achieved because the capability to customise is written into the heart of theCRM.  Change is embraced not forced, giving increased flexibility to optimise your processes.

A CRM that can scale with your business.


Enterprise software capability at a sensible price.  Features and functionality of theCRM are unlimited.  Features are not constrained by the build of the system or by your particular implementation.  We consider every installation of theCRM a customisation.  Adapting theCRM to your business goals, workflow or integrations is a fundamental feature, not a post-installation hack.

For typical features see our feature list but do not think that is the limit of features.  We can adapt and extend theCRM to meet your developing requirements long after installation.  The question we like to hear is not, “Can it be done?”  but “How easily it can be done?”  Please just ask.  

 Easy to use

We take time to understand your processes and business goals.

Our next generation CRM software is designed to be personalised to your teams exact needs.  We set up theCRM to improve each process making theCRM much more effective and easy to use.

We don’t expect your business to fit with a standard pre-configured CRM system.  As an example, many experienced CRM software users will tell you how frustrating it is having to set up an account before you can add a contact.  What happens if you find the contact before the company?!  theCRM lets you add data in the most efficient order for you.

Software set up to easily manage how you work.  Deliver more efficiency.


We provide rapid integration with; Marketing Automation, Events, Websites & Portals,  Microsoft Exchange, ERP Systems, Accounts Software and bespoke systems.  Or automatically import your projects and prospective clients from Glenigan or Barbour ABI.

Integrate everything, reduce data duplication and centralise your reporting. Find out more about CRM integration.


theCRM’s modern interface is device agnostic and responsive to work on any device from any location.  You can easily manage your team and your customers from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Collaborate on customer opportunities, give your teams the tools they need to manage anything from anywhere. 

Robust and secure

Relationships are built on trust.  We understand customer data is of critical value to your business and we take the commitment of securing that data very seriously.  Security is, therefore, built into the heart of our CRM software system design.

Data is securely managed from within an ISO 27001 certified UK data centre, access authenticated by 2FA and AES 256 encrypted user-input fields, we have a highly robust system and protocols to give you the confidence to look ahead to the future and not over your shoulder.  Find out more about theCRM’s Security. 

Deployment options

Available as excellent value SaaS (Software as a Service) or deployed On Premise.  Find out more about theCRM’s Deployment Model.


theCRM is designed to be extended and scaled to easily meet your future requirements.
Our feature list  is just the starting point, not the limit of features.  Please ask how quickly it can be done, contact us.

See our detailed Feature List

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